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Emgrand EC 718 or similar
Emgrand EC 718 or similar
Car Class: intermediate
Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Air Conditioning: Yes
5 Adults
3 big suitcases
Rental Conditions  |  Additional Charges 

Introduce the pick-up/drop-off dates and time you want and use the button to calculate the prices.
Pick-up at:
Automatic Confirmation
Needs Confirmation
Not Available
Unlimited$ 746.00 USD
Includes: Insurance, Full Fuel Tank and Airport Pickup Fee
book it (automatic confirmation for some agencies)
Additional Charges

Charges to be paid at the moment of leasing the car. All rates are quoted in USD.

  • Insurance: People between 21 and 24 years old and between 76 and 80 years old, must pay an additional Insurance fee of $ 10.00 USD per day of rent.
  • Co-driver: $ 3.00 USD per day
  • Drop-off: The drop-off charge will be paid when returning somewhere else to the pick-up location is done at the end of the rental agreement. More Info

Important: All additional Payments at the Rental Office must be made by Card. Cash is not accepted.

Rental Conditions
Transtur - General Rental Conditions.
  1. To recharge fuel you need do the following:

    • Buy a CLASSIC CARD at CADECA at the airport. (cost of 4.00 USD), which will have an initial balance of $0.00 USD.
    • You must add a balance with CASH, at CADECA (exchange office)
    • You can buy fuel with that card at any Cupet enabled for touristic's services.

  2. Minimum and maximum age established to rent a car, without any extra commission, from 25 to 75 years. For people between 21 and 24 years old and between 76 and 80 years old, they will pay an additional fee consisting of 50% of the value of the liability waiver. Maximum age established to rent a car of 80 years. It is mandatory to present the following documents:

    • Voucher.
    • Driver´s license of the person under the reservation was made. Name change are not allowed. Driver´s license must has been issued at least two years ago. Photocopies are not allowed.
    • Passport. Photocopies are not allowed.
    • Clients with permanent residence in Cuba must present updated identification document, it must be the latest version of the Cuban identity card.

  3. The customer agrees to pay all charges resulting from the contract provided in this service.

  4. The user pays by card in MLC, directly at the Transtur's sales office, upon presentation of the voucher, according to the confirmed rental conditions, the additional payments not included in the corresponding service modality: fuel, guarantee deposit, relief liability when not included in the rate, additional driver, international airport surcharge, drop off; baby chair or others.

  5. The customer acknowledges having received the vehicle in good working order with accessories described in the rental agreement. It must be returned under the same condition it was received on the specific date by contract. The customer pays accessories and vehicle parts missing at the time of delivery and that have not been marked as missing when receiving the car.

  6. The lease period is stated in the contract and is calculated based on hours and days after the act was signed, car must be returned in the date and time stipulated. If the customer wishes to extend the rental must present to the closest Transtur station to legalize possession of the vehicle.

  7. The customer will pay as a deposit the amount stipulated in the public Transtur rate of each type of vehicle. Whether the guarantee deposit is left with a signed credit card bank slip Transtur is authorized to fill it and cash it at any time without prior notice by the customer spent values in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

  8. The customer has 59 bonus minutes, after that time and up to 5 hours the client will pay 1/5 of the daily rate for each extra hour.

  9. Transtur will only refund the renter and will do it in the way payment was made.

  10. The vehicle can only be driven by the customer or by the additional authorized driver under the full responsibility of this.

  11. The client and the authorized drivers are required to comply with the traffic mandatories, and not to exceed the people transported limit specified for each type of vehicle in the front of the contract.

  12. Whether a person not registered in the rental contract is found driving the car by an agent of competent authorities and the violation is proven, there is a notification on the rental contract. It brings about a penalty of loosing the coming paid rental days and the guarantee deposit. The rented car will be withdrawn and loose the right to apply for the insurance.

  13. The client gives up to demand against Transtur for any accidental damaged caused by mishandling, traffic or vehicle maintenance breach.

  14. Transtur is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to any property, personal property of the client or passengers, or left abandoned in the vehicle during or after the rental period.

  15. When decided Transtur may cancel this contract and reimbursing 100% of unused time, except that incur violations established herein.

  16. Transtur relieve his client responsibility, provided it complies with the provisions of this contract while protecting against fire, total or partial theft , collision or rollover accidents, and natural disasters , as well as damage to their property and / or injury or death caused to third parties caused by chance and drive a vehicle on public roads . In all cases the customer must immediately notify the competent authorities and submitted to the agency before or at the time of settling the debts , proof of having made the complaint in the case of loss or theft , and in the event of an accident , police report of the crime scene oe inspectors Company , which will be the way to define his guilt or not damages. If convicted , the client will be covered during the term of the contract and in case of accident to twelve hours after the expiration date, with the corresponding legal proceedings

  17. The client will lose every right to be relieved of responsibility by Transtur when incurred negligent actions or violation of existing laws and agreed in this contract, and by driving the vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of substances psychotropic and manipulation thereof by an unauthorized driver in this contract and shall pay the full amount of the damages caused to the vehicle and third parties in case of any of these irregularities.

  18. The customer must present the vehicle at the nearest station before exceeding the mileage stated in maintenance contract, as well as check the oil level, radiator water and air pressure in the tires. Any damage or paralysis that occurs to the vehicle for violation of this clause shall be paid by the customer

  19. Where there is a violation of the odometer clock, the customer must pay the equivalent of 200 miles per day or fraction of a day trip, the time that had been in possession, penalty also will be effective if the odometer stops working and customer does not give timely notice to the car company.

  20. The customer must comply with the following limitations: No vehicle use profitably, not use it as another vehicle traction, not overloading regarding their strength and / or performance; locked when the vehicle remains outside it , no racing, endurance, speed and acrobatics and not transport flammable materials, explosives, drugs or the like.

  21. In case of breakage, accident or similar mishap, the customer must immediately inform the nearest Agency and take safety measures to avoid damage, accident or theft. The customer is responsible for the vehicle while it has in its custody by this contract.

  22. If the client is deprived of the use of the rented vehicle for the commission of a crime or violation of administrative provision by legally authorized body shall not be entitled to claim any refund of rent, having to pay expenses for loss of profits due to stoppage of and vehicle accidents that are caused. If the vehicle forfeiture shall be bound to pay the value of it to the car company.

  23. The customer may pay settlements for the rented vehicle at any agency authorized station to receive it, paying additionally to the agency that rented based supplements for empty return or drop off set.

  24. The customer is obliged to use only special gasoline in vehicle exclusively.

  25. The price of rent, sell fuel, additional kms, excess time service, drop off fee, is subject to change without notice.

  26. For the opening of the first rental that is made to any new vehicle in the fleet, a supplement of 10.00 USD is charged; payment that is made only once and not daily.
  27. The emergency service is provided free of charge by any Car Rental Company, if the client is not guilty. If the client was guilty pay for the service fee as defined by the Company.

Penalties for Contractual Breach of the User

  1. Deliver dirty vehicle: $ 50 usd
    Understand extremely dirty vehicle on the outside or inside (with an abundance of asphalt incrustations, foreign substances, indelible stains, unpleasant odors, etc.), which prevent its quick preparation and new location as a vehicle available for rent.

  2. Transport animals: $ 50 usd
    Transport domestic animals or others in the vehicle.

  3. Deterioration of lining or seat cover: $ 100 usd
    The amount of the penalty is equivalent to breakage, burns, spots, lining dirt or covers of the seats.

  4. Lost covers carpets and trunk carpet
    It is penalized according to troubleshooting.

  5. Unauthorized driver:
    The client loses the amount paid in its entirety, including days pending and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the income. In the case of any additional affectation caused to the vehicle, the total amount of the damages caused and the holder of the contract is also declared a non-pleasant client.

  6. Delivery of the car by the additional driver and not by the contract holder: $ 50 usd
    The amount of the penalty is equivalent to the delivery of the car by the additional driver and not by the contract holder.

  7. Loss or deterioration of the contract or attached documents: $ 50 usd
    The amount of the penalty is equivalent to the loss or deterioration of the documents that prevents the visualization of one or all copies of the contract.

  8. Affectations caused by accidents, breakages or loss of accessories:
    The amount of the damage caused according to fault listed is charged, as long as it has been incurred in a cause of policy exclusion. It is excluded from the benefit reflected above, the robbery or subtraction of the audio equipment and any of the vehicle tires, which will have to be subscribed by the client at the price established in the troubleshooting list, whether or not responsible for This affectation.

  9. Placement of stickers or accessories to the vehicle without authorization of the rental: $ 200 usd
    Place accessories that are not delivered in the vehicle and that affect the image of the vehicle established by the proprietary entity. Includes the tinted (wallpaper) of the crystals or the use of polarized paper.

  10. Excess of passengers: $ 50 usd
    Understand over the capacity of stipulated people for each type of vehicle.

  11. Tow another vehicle: $ 100 usd
    Use the leased vehicle to tow any other vehicle.

  12. Deliver the vehicle after the date agreed in the contract: $ 100 usd
    In the event that the client decides by himself, delivering the car after the agreed date and has not passed through one of the sales offices to update his extension in the contract, a 100USD auto extension fee will be charged by Every day last day, in addition to the daily value of the extra day. It is considered last 5 hours and one minute until 24 hours, as an extra day.

  13. Delivery of the past car of the agreed date in contract, in linear income:
    The penalty of the extra days passed by public rate according to season will be paid by the client.

  14. Deliver the vehicle in a different sales office where you have agreed to settle:
    In the case that the liquidation of the car, does not match the agreed place reflected in the contract, the client must pay 50% above the drop-off.

  15. Maintenance violation: $ 100 usd
    Drive the past mileage vehicle of the predicted maintenance and reflected in the corresponding escalation of the income contract.

  16. Using the vehicle in illegal activities:
    The client loses the amount paid in full, including the days pending to enjoy and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the rental, with the vehicle being permanently withdrawn. In the event of damage to the vehicle, you also lose the right to release of liability, having to pay the same according to the list of breakdowns. Illegal activities are understood to be those allegedly constituting a crime or contravention, according to Cuban law.

  17. Loss or damage to the vehicle key:
    According to troubleshooting.

  18. Loss of registration or change without filing complaints: $ 50 usd
    Losing or changing each registration of the vehicle and introducing yourself at the Office of Sale without presenting the proof of having formulated complaint with the PNR.

  19. Use of the vehicle in circuits, races, competences or similar contests:
    As it is a policy exclusion, the client loses the amount paid in full, including the days to be enjoyed and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the rental, with the vehicle being permanently withdrawn. In the event of damage or damage to the vehicle, you also lose the right to liability release, having to pay the same according to the list of breakdowns. In addition to being declared the holders as Not Grato.

  20. Supply the vehicle with fuel other than that authorized or established by the owner entity or contaminated fuel:
    As it is a policy exclusion, the client loses the amount paid in full, including the days to be enjoyed and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the rental, with the vehicle being permanently withdrawn. In the event of damage or damage to the vehicle, you also lose the right to liability release, having to pay the same according to the list of breakdowns.

  21. Driving the vehicle in an aggressive or irresponsible way, with abuse of the same: $ 200 usd
    Driving the vehicle without taking all reasonable precautions to avoid or lessen accidents, damage or loss. Driving recklessly or unjustifiably mistreating the vehicle. Such as driving at high speeds, with manifest inattention to driving the vehicle, under the influence of ingestion of alcoholic beverages or subjecting it to an excessive driving or exploitation regime. As it could be, travel through the dune, swampy, flooded terrain, impassable roads, etc. If, as a result of any of the above situations, there is damage to the vehicle that could be considered an exclusion from the policy, the penalty will not be applied, but the client loses the amount paid in full, including the days pending to enjoy and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the rental, with the vehicle being permanently withdrawn. He also loses the right to release of responsibility, having to pay the damages according to the value of the breakdown list and the Client is declared as Not Grate.

  22. Changing any part or addition of the vehicle or fitting the shock absorbers:
    The client loses the amount paid in full, including the days pending to enjoy and the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the rental. In addition, the damage caused to the vehicle will be charged according to the list of breakdowns and the customer is included in the list of No Grato.

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