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Sancti Spiritus
Province: Sancti Spiritus
Country: Cuba
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The Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, in the central part of the greater one of the Antilles, stands in faithful exponent of a perfect combination that involves the tourist attractions with unique heritage values. Known in its beginnings like Villa of the Holy Spirit had their original settlement on the banks of the river Tuinicú, to move on the banks of the Yayabo toward 1552.

The city qualifies fourth among the seven villas established on the island by the conquistadors in the sixteenth century, flat architectural values, historical, cultural traditions and natural beauties in a compelling singular combination. According to the specialists, three constructive styles match in the colonial zone of the city where they accounted for more than a thousand buildings with architectural value from the masonry and the traditional adobe. In this regard, the Spanish Baroque is present in the large portals of the stately mansions of yesteryear, in a structure where the wide square with the church at the center was the classic design of the populations, a trend that has evolved toward a constructive approach adapted to the conditions of the country. While, toward the eighteenth century bursts in with force the neoclassical style, present in the ornamentation of doors and windows with beautiful bars of showy watermarks, where craftsmen sought to fulfill the dual role of protecting and at the same time beautify.

The province also has the ancient villa of the Trinity, the third of its kind in the country and with the additional attraction of being one of the best preserved sites of the continent in terms of colonial architecture. The splendour that the boom in the sugar industry led to the locality in the late XVII century spoke the San Luis Valley, also called the Plantations, declared Patrimony of the Humanity and constitutes an important archaeological reserve. In the valley showed almost four dozens of factories of sugar.

The region of clay and fertile terrain is covered by 15 per cent by one of the most important mountain systems of the country, the Sierra del Escambray, which is added the contribution of the caribbean beaches bordering the peninsula of Ancon. Its proximity to the massif of the Escambray allows visitors to enjoy the combination of the sea and the heights, with options for the diving thanks to its seabed, of rugged terrain and significant concentrations of black coral.

In the central part is the largest artificial lake in the country, the dam Zaza, with a capacity of reservoir of over a billion cubic meters of the precious liquid and that constitutes a site very suitable for sport fishing. To turn to the north, the National Park Caguanes possesses an important cave system in which abound the sites of archaeological interest and the caves flooded, and constitutes the natural habitat of a variety of freshwater sponge that can only be found there.

  • Don Florencio
  • Encanto Plaza
  • Encanto Rijo
  • Los Laureles
  • Rancho Hatuey
  • San José del Lago
  • Zaza

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    Playa Ancón
    Ancón beach.
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