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Cayo Levisa
Province: Pinar del Río
Country: Cuba
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The tourist attractions of the greater one of the Antilles, represented in traditional proposals of sun and beach, culture and traditions, are also space in the islets and cays that make up the Cuban archipelago.

In the case of the western region, province of Pinar del Rio concentrates a wide range of options, among which stand out the offers of Cayo Levisa, on the north coast of the said territory and integrated in the archipelago of Los Colorados. Three kilometers of excellent beaches and 23 sites dedicated to the practice of diving are integrated into the alternatives of the aforementioned islet, which is accessed by sea from the pier of Palma Rubia, in a journey that extends for about 30 minutes. The diving programs are based on the existence of one of the largest coral reefs in the world with close to 500 species of fish, 200 of sponges and varieties of mollusks crustaceans, gorgonians and other marine animals. In addition, at depths ranging from three to 40 meters are located coral structures of stars and brain coral, sea fans, gorgonians plumosas and numerous fish as parrots, barbers, grunting, plates, groupers, snappers creoles and crustaceans. Additionally, in the region is further enhanced by the presence of trigonias, considered the oldest living fossils of the largest of the Antilles, joined wrecks of century XVII and XVIII, all accessible and archaeological interest.

The activity of diving account with the support of experts with international category of monitoring of reef and that provide the necessary security. On the other hand, the islet served as the headquarters of the organization of courses for immersion experts from various parts of the world, with the consequent promotional impact on the attractiveness of the place for the leisure industry. In addition, the proximity is located Cayo Mégano of Casigua, once the usual refuge of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who gave it the name of Paradise. The main attractions of this last territory are concentrated in an excellent beach about 500 meters long, magnificent funds for the practice of diving, isolation and total relaxation. Its history is related with the disappeared novelist Nobel Prize for Literature, who used to visit and spend long hours in the place.

Also in the archipelago of Los Colorados This Cayo Jutia, easy to access via a track of five kilometers on the sea and with a beach area of five thousand meters of extension. In this way, the Cuban industry leisure incorporates to their offers sites just touched by the hand of man and that enclose a unequalled natural wealth, with which the tourism sum elements to diversify the recreational options. Without doubts, Levisa does honor to the tradition of the province to the modality of nature, which is gaining more and more spaces in the preference of the vacationers.

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