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Cayo Saetía
Province: Holguín
Country: Cuba
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The largest of the Antilles, marked by the presence of unique species of flora and fauna thanks to its tropical climate, is based in nature for the development of tourist proposals linked to the environment. Programs linked with the nature hoard more and more attention in the international tourist scenario, where Cuba concentrated the interest of vacationers thanks to the existence of varied spaces.

In the Cuban east figure a site of special interest in Cayo Saetía, located at the entrance of the Bay of Nipe and considered the biggest hunting of the country, with wide existence of the most varied species. In its 42 square kilometers of extension, the islet shows more than half the territory populated of forests, which serves to its time of shelter to a diverse fauna, with white tail deer, zebras and antelopes. In terms of hunting, this activity is carried out in strict observance of the established regulations, both national and international, to prevent damage to the habitat of the area, maintaining biodiversity and preserve the natural environment.

Designed under a conception of Natural Park, Cayo Saetía maintains a virginity does not invaded by the hand of man and that allows the conservation until our days of the original flora and fauna. This way, visitors can access the most diverse points of the islet using suitable vehicles for such efforts, and in its stroke will be faced with wild boars, buffalos, peacocks, zebras, tocororos, antelopes, jutías and wild bulls. In addition, count with specialized protection, equipment, guides and routes are well defined, while weapons can be changed by the cameras to constitute a unique paradise that calls to photograph the most beautiful natural landscapes. Additionally, the lovers of the diving have their alternatives, based on a coralline barrier that borders the cay. Also, transparent waters, fine sand and a coast where rock formations provide a unique appeal, with various shades of colors in the dozen beaches of the islet and which constitute an exclusive performance of the site.

The facilities of the huts that integrate the accommodation spaces are combined with the biggest hunting of the country thanks to the existence of the most varied species. With this, the traditional sun and beach options in the Cuban east are complemented in Cayo Saetía with the possibility of practicing sport hunting, taking advantage of the alternatives of the place and the preference for this modality of leisure. The Territory is also a sample of the wealth of Holguin, where valleys and hills are combined with a unique vegetation and fauna that shows the national bird tocororo, accompanied by woodpeckers, parakeets, cateyes, macaws, jutías congas and even wild horses.

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    Cayo Saetía. Pier

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    Cayo Saetía. Pier Cayo Saetía. Buffalo Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. View of the coast Cayo Saetía. View of the coast Cayo Saetía. Boat excursion Boat excursion. Cayo Saetía. Macaws Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast Beach Cayo Saetía. Thatch-roof restaurant .
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