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Santa Lucía de Cuba
Province: Camagüey
Country: Cuba
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The proposals for leisure and recreation in the largest of the Antilles, supported by the richness of the seabed, are spaces in various spas where you combine the rays of the sun with the crystal clear waters that surround the archipelago. In this environment it emphasizes Santa Lucia, located in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey, with two tens of kilometers of excellent beaches. The site is seen as a true natural pool thanks to the most extensive coral barrier of the country, which is about even at about 200 meters from the coast and thus allowing the calm dominates the sea in this area.

The coral formation displays a continuous line of foam that protects the varied animal life of the area, with some 200 species of sponges, 500 of tropical fish and up to 50 of corals, ranging from black to the famous "stag horn" and "Bouquet of bride". On the basis of the natural conditions that have their beaches you can practice water sports in a natural environment is simply spectacular, as windsurfing (a table and a candle), and the kitesurf (sport of slip that consists in the use of a kite traction). In the vicinity of the spa is located Cayo Sabinal, among the largest dimension of the archipelago, with an extension of 335 square kilometers, in addition to the Roman islets, Cross and Guajaba.

Attractive walks in sailing boats and the landing in virgin keys, whose ancestral inhabitants, iguanas, flamingos, migratory birds, cobos (snails giants) and a large coastal fauna, arouse the astonishment and convened to that paradisiaca area love of Cuban universe. It is also a stronghold of diving in Cuba, with 35 diving spots that are sometimes the remains of three dozens of boats, some of them from the time of gold trafficking toward Spain and other sunk in the skirmishes of the II World War.

Linked to this is the add-in that offer excursions to places such as the Sierra de Cubitas, with more than 300 species of the Cuban flora, or the industrial city of Nuevitas, the nearest urban settlement to the spa. Precisely this group mountainous, with 260 kilometers of extension, account with several hundreds of underground formations of high value speleological, aboriginal pictographs and numerous geographical accidents, in a perfect combination for lovers of adventure and nature.

To this should be added the visits to the historical center of the former village of Santa Maria of the Port-au-Prince, declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. The lodging facilities are in addition to a wide range of nautical activities, which include excursions marineras, navigation in catamaran, seafaris, fishing on the high seas and in the background. It is fascinating also the spectacle of the so-called sharks bulls that live in the mouth of the bay of Nuevitas (nine kilometers long), which constitutes an important exhibition of the species.

  • Brisas Santa Lucía
  • Caracol
  • Club Amigo Mayanabo
  • Club Sabinal Los Pinos
  • Gran Club Santa Lucía

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    Gran Club Santa Lucía. View of the beach

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