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Xanadu Mansion: A Place for Leisure
Date: DEC 22, 2003
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Sun, sea and white sand go hand in hand in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, which is the most famous among dozens of excellent beaches throughout the island and benefits from a wide range of attractions that complement its tourist offer.

Excursions to aboriginal sites, steam locomotive festivals, nautical sports and fishing are combined to design an excellent option for leisure, chosen by thousands of vacationers visiting that destination every year.

Among the resort's most recent programs is Varadero Golf Club, a facility that inserts the largest Antillean Island in the select group of countries in which that modality, a combination of sport and leisure highly demanded by vacationers, can be practiced.

The golf course is complemented by its Club House, a must for players after an exciting game. The house, named Xanadu Mansion, is located in Peñas de San Bernardino and was designed by the architects Cavarrocas and Govantes in 1927.

Construction of the building is linked to the US multimillionaire of French origin Irénee Dupont de Nemours, who that same year bought 180 hectares in the Hicacos Peninsula, including eight kilometers of excellent beaches.

The 11-room, 11-bathroom house has three terraces, seven balconies and a private pier. Its design includes precious timber, such as mahogany and cedar, as well as beautiful marble from Cuba, Spain and Italy.

In 1932, Dupont installed an organ, which is considered the biggest one in a private residence in Latin America and which cost him 110,000 dollars at the time. The organ works manually and automatically.

According to experts, the name of the mansion is linked to a poem that describes the construction of the wonderful Palace that belonged to Emperor Kublai Khan, the legendary warrior and conqueror of China.

Xanadu also was, according to history, the former Kingdom of the Tartars, which spread throughout Central and Western Asia and a part of Russia.

In the early 1960's, the house opened as Las Américas Restaurant, but it was recently turned into the Club House, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of beverages of different brands and origins.

Select wines from Cuba, France, Italy, Spain and Chile, among others, await costumers who can choose from a list including Chateau Laroque, Barbaresco, Santa Cristina, Faustino V, Marqués de Arienzo and Crozes Ermitage, just to mention some.

The mansion also offers banquets for incentive groups, weddings and other celebrations, as well as facilities for meetings. International cocktails can be tasted at Bar Panorámico "Casa Blanca".

Xanadu Mansion´s façade
Entrance to Varadero Golf Club
Xanadu Mansion. Terrace overlooking the sea
Xanadu Mansion. Lobby
Xanadu Mansion. Mirador Bar
Xanadu Mansion. Room
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    Xanadu Mansion´s façade

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    Xanadu Mansion´s façade Entrance to Varadero Golf Club Xanadu Mansion. Terrace overlooking the sea Xanadu Mansion. Lobby Xanadu Mansion. Mirador Bar Xanadu Mansion. Room Xanadu Mansion. Lobby Xanadu Mansion. Organ Xanadu Mansion. A la carte restaurant Xanadu Mansion. Restaurant Xanadu Mansion. Reserved restaurant Varadero Golf Club. Gardens View of Xanadu Mansion Xanadu Mansion. Upper floor terrace Xanadu Mansion. Upper floor hall Façade of Xanadu Mansion. Façade of Xanadu Mansion. Façade of Xanadu Mansion Varadero Golf Club. Golf course Varadero Golf Club. Hole 9 Varadero Golf Club. Golf course Varadero Golf Club. Golf players Varadero Golf Club. Golf course Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house Varadero Golf Club. Bar Cafeteria Xanadu Mansion. Wood staircase Xanadu Mansion. General view of the lobby Xanadu Mansion. Outside view from the sea Xanadu Mansion. View from South Road Xanadu Mansion. Beach
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