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Cayo Levisa: A Paradise for Leisure in Western Cuba
Date: AUG 23, 2004
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Western Cuba, a stronghold for nature tourism, also features unique attractions for leisure on the several islets and keys that make up the Los Colorados archipelago.

In that region of the Caribbean Island, western Pinar del Río province boasts a wide range of options linked to the environment, including excellent beaches, exuberant flora and autochthonous fauna, in addition to many beautiful diving sites.

Vacationers can enjoy an excellent stay on Cayo Levisa, off Pinar del Río's north coast, where they will arrive after a 30-minute boat trip from Palma Rubia.

Three kilometers of excellent beaches and 23 diving sites turn Cayo Levisa into an excellent destination for diving enthusiasts, who can enjoy crystal-clear waters and one of the world's largest coral reefs.

The region is inhabited by a wide range of corals, gorgonias, sea fans, and many species of fish, including stone bass and red snapper, and crustaceans like lobsters.

A particular attraction in this region is the existence of trigonias, which are considered the oldest living fossils in Cuba.

For those who want to spend their leisure time surrounded by quietness and silence, Cayo Levisa has 40 air-conditioned cabins equipped with private bathroom and satellite TV, as well as a restaurant, bar, barbeque and commercial center.

However, diving is the main option among vacationers who stay on Cayo Levisa, where expert divers bearing international certificates on Reef Monitoring guarantee the safety of diving enthusiasts.

In addition, the islet hosts several international courses for expert divers from all over the world, thus contributing to promoting the region's attractions for the leisure industry.

Cayo Levisa, with its comfortable cabins, coconut trees and white-sanded beaches keeps a natural treasure in its surrounding sea. The key is also close to Mégano de Casiguas, which used to be a refuge for US writer Ernest Hemingway, who named the islet Paraíso (Paradise).

The stay in Cayo Levisa can be combined with tours of places of tourist interest in Pinar del Río, including the Guanacahabibes Peninsula, declared a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Sierra del Rosario and the Viñales Valley. The latter was designated a World's Cultural Landscape.

Cayo Levisa. Shop
Cayo Levisa. Beach
Cayo Levisa. Sunset
Cayo Levisa. Pier
Cayo Levisa. Cabin
Cayo Levisa. Pier
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    Cayo Levisa. Shop

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