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Cuba: A Marine Complement to Leisure
Date: DEC 03, 2007
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The Cuban archipelago, which has a strategic location in the Caribbean region, has an excellent complement in its marine environment to promote tourist options.

The warm crystal-clear sea surrounding the Caribbean Island favors the promotion of underwater activities.

In that regard, diving can be practiced in more than 70,000 kilometers of Cuban insular platform, which has some 5,000 kilometers of coast bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Nearly 6,500 species of fish, crustaceans, sponges and mollusks, as well as many varieties of corals, turn the island into one of the best-preserved ecosystems in the region.

On many occasion, diving takes place directly from the coast, giving tourists the chance to watch beautiful corals such as brains, sea fans and stars, among others.

Three dozens of specialized diving centers operate throughout the country, providing initiation courses and diving excursions to coral reefs and caverns, following international standards for that kind of nautical activity.

In addition, there are centers that combine knowledge of the marine environment and recreation for all.

Among those facilities is the National Aquarium of Cuba, which exhibits dozens of sea turtles, including loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles.

One of scientific achievements of that institution is natural reproduction in a 380-square-meter mangrove forest where tropical species reproduce themselves.

Moreover, the tourist region of Holguín, one of the fastest-growing destinations in the country, offers vacationers the incredible attraction of Cayo Naranjo, where tourists are surprised by an aquarium in the middle of the sea.

Located in the Bay of Naranjo, the center is accessed on speedboats from the nearby coast. Once there, tourists can watch a wide range of marine species and can take a refreshing swim with some of them.

Trained dolphins perform for the audience, showing their abilities and sharing the sea with tourists willing to enjoy the adventure.

In eastern Cuba, the Baconao Park has a beautiful aquarium where visitors can watch the animals from an underwater tunnel.

Dolphins and seals entertain both children and grownups with their mischievous behavior and abilities. Visitors can also enter a tunnel that is 30 meters under the sea to watch the marine species in their own habitat.

Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Swimming with dolphins
National Aquarium. Entrance
Naranjo Bay. Holguín.Show with dolphins
National Aquarium. Outdoors area
Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Hawksbill turtle
National Aquarium. Ray .
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    Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Swimming with dolphins

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    Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Swimming with dolphins National Aquarium. Entrance Naranjo Bay. Holguín.Show with dolphins National Aquarium. Outdoors area Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Hawksbill turtle National Aquarium. Ray . Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Dolphins Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Sea lion Naranjo Bay. Holguín. Carps National Aquarium. Seal
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