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Recreation and Quality of Life in Cuba
Date: DEC 17, 2007
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The Cuban archipelago, located in a privileged strategic area in the Caribbean, offers visitors a wide gamut of tourist options ranging from nature to actions to improve the quality of life.

In addition to traditional tourist packages that offer scores of kilometers of excellent beaches, crystal-clear water and a moderate climate, the development of the health sector in Cuba has become an excellent complement to the tourist industry.

In fact, Cuba combines recreation with cures to improve the quality of life, offering such treatments as thalassotherapy, which benefits from the fact that the country is surrounded by sea.

Thalassotherapy consists of combining the marine environment – wind, water and climate – with other natural resources such as mud, sand and algae to treat several diseases.

In essence, experts note that thalassotherapy includes the use of different climate and hydrotherapeutic factors while staying by the sea in order to recover and improve your health.

Sea baths have proved to be highly beneficial for patients recovering from several diseases, traumas, surgery of the locomotive system, orthopedic affections, chronic rheumatism and poliomyelitis, among other health problems.

Several places in Cuba are famous for the excellent quality of their thermal and mineral-medicinal waters, which are used with therapeutic ends to cure several diseases.

One of those places is San José del Lago, in Sancti Spiritus province, where water is diuretic and rapidly absorbed and eliminated by the human body.

San Diego de los Baños is in Cuba's westernmost province, Pinar del Río. The resort is famous for its water, which is combined with acupuncture, medicinal mud, apitherapy and natural drugs, as part of traditional medicine techniques.

In central Villa Clara province is Elguea, whose mineral-rich water contains sodium and bromine, and has a low content of sulfur. Its average temperature is 46 degrees Celsius and runs at 25 liters per second.

Elguea's 1,300-square-meter Thermal Center has three swimming pools of medicinal water, sauna, gymnasium, individual baths, beauty parlor, massage rooms and doctor's offices, among other services.

Cuba has a broad medical infrastructure consisting of international clinics, drugstores, optician's shops and specialized institutions to improve the quality of life.

More than 280 hospitals, about 400 polyclinics, 116 dental clinics and some 1,500 medical establishments make up a broad network to meet the most complex needs in the field of human health.

Exterior View. Elguea.
San José del Lago. Façade.
Elguea. Treatments
San José del Lago. Swimming pool.
Medicinal baths.
View of the lake.
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    Exterior View. Elguea.

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    Exterior View. Elguea. San José del Lago. Façade. Elguea. Treatments San José del Lago. Swimming pool. Medicinal baths. View of the lake. Bungalows. San José del Lago. Outside view. San José del Lago. Front desk. Outside view. San José del Lago. Therapeutic pool. San José del Lago. Outside view.
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