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Cuba: Personalized Tourism in Havana
Date: JAN 07, 2008
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The Cuban capital, the main tourist destination in the Caribbean Island, offers a perfect combination of tourist options ranging from traditional sun and beach choices to those aimed at specific segments of vacationers.

A special place in the Cuban capital is Old Havana, whose streets treasure one-of-a-kind elements from the Spanish colonial period.

Cultural and historic facilities, businesses and hotels make up an offer that those who choose Havana to spend their vacations will never forget.

Among Old Havana's one-of-a-kind establishments is the Conde de Villanueva Hotel, which is run by the company Habaguanex S.A. and specializes in promoting Havana cigars, one of Cuba's world-famous products.

The hotel is housed in the former mansion of Claudio Martínez de Pinillo, Count of Villanueva, and its architectural style resembles an 18th-century building.

The establishment is closely linked to Havana cigars, so each room and facilities are named after famous tobacco-growing zones and farms in Cuba.

At the Hotel del Tejadillo, 17 of its 32 rooms (including two suites) have a private kitchen, so guests can cook their food.

That modality, which has spread worldwide, is new in Cuban hotel industry. The establishment has the Catedral cafeteria for breakfast and the San Carlos snack bar, in addition to the bazaar Doña Regla, where guests can buy food and drinks.

Another such establishment, the Hotel Los Frailes, presents a winning formula for vacationers, combining historic, cultural and tourist elements.

Designed as a medieval monastery, the hotel offers 22 air-conditioned rooms (including four minisuites) and a small bar-cafeteria that resembles an old-style tavern.

One of those establishments is the Hotel Raquel, which offers 25 comfortable double rooms, air conditioning and a luxury design. Rooms are distributed in three beautifully decorated floors.

According to experts, the hotel's Biblical name and some of its facilities – the Lejaim lobby-bar, the Jardín del Edén (Garden of Eden) restaurant and the Bezalel boutique – are an allegoric evocation of Hebrew culture in Cuba.

Another famous establishment is the Telégrafo Hotel, which was inaugurated in 1885 and was one of the most prestigious establishments in Havana and one of the best hotels in Latin America in the late 19th century.

In 1911, the telephones installed in its rooms and on the restaurant's tables, a true privilege at the time, gave the hotel a touch of distinction among all Cuban hotels.

After modernization works carried out in the early 21st century, the Telégrafo Hotel offers state-of-the-art communications services, including Internet, cell phones in the rooms, message services, and videoconferences in a near future.

Façade of Conde de Villanueva Hotel.
Façade of Los Frailes Inn
Façade of Raquel Hotel
Interior view of Raquel Hotel
Tejadillo Hotel. Bar cafeteria
Restaurant at Raquel Hotel
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    Façade of Conde de Villanueva Hotel.

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