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Cuba: A Natural Formula for Tourism
Date: JUN 15, 2009
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The tourist potential of Cuba, a major destination in the Caribbean region, is based on its natural wealth, creating the perfect formula for leisure.

Dozens of kilometers of excellent beaches of white sand and warm crystal-clear water are complemented by the island's flora and fauna in places that have barely been touched by humans.

Cuba's natural assets can be found in more than 4,000 keys and islets, where vacationers can enjoy a wide range of options, including bird watching.

Therefore, traditional tourist options are combined with excursions to natural, ecological and biosphere reserves, protected areas and national parks.

Cuban fauna is very diverse and consists of more than 350 species of birds (many of which are endemic), which live on islets and keys throughout the country.

Cuba's diversity is huge, especially in the central region, where Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus provinces have a huge potential for nature tourism.

In Villa Clara, tourists can visit the Hanabanilla, the country's only lake surrounded by mountains, into which the rivers Negro, Hanabanilla and Guanayara flow, and an excellent site for nature lovers.

Also in central Cuba, there is an underground museum, the only one of its kind in the American continent, in La Maravillosa Cave, where the life of aborigines and human evolution in the region are recreated.

La Maravillosa Cave, which has been visited by tourists for more than four decades, attracts nature lovers who visit the village of Trinidad. The cave's name comes from the large number of stalagmites, stalactites, pearls and other secondary formations that it treasures.

More than 60 percent of Cuba's territory is made up of calcareous rocks. The strong influence from glacial periods and the weather have created the largest caverns in the region.

Experts say that there are more than 10,000 caves in Cuba, many of which are 25 million years old.

One of the most famous caves is that of Santo Tomás, in Sierra de Quemados, in the western part of the country, which is 45 kilometers long. Another cavern is Cueva del Indio, through which the San Juan River runs.

Tocororo. National bird.
Aquatic bird.
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    Tocororo. National bird.

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