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Cuba: Added Values for Tourism
Date: AUG 27, 2012
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Cuba, located in a privileged geographic area for tourism, includes new leisure options which contribute new values to the different traditional offers.

Thousands of visitors, who arrive in the Cuban tourist destinations every year, can also enjoy the richness of the country in terms of culture, history, nature and health.

In fact, vacationers can improve their quality of life by having access to a large network of health facilities, where a wide range of treatments is used.

In addition, facilities with mineral-medicinal thermal waters; treatments using traditional medicine like acupuncture and acupressure; mud therapy and psychology offices, are available throughout the country.

Thanks to the abovementioned medical techniques, vacationers can combine their leisure time with specialized programs in relaxation and physical fitness; programs against obesity and stress, as well as treatments for respiratory, circulatory, osteomyoarticular and neurologic conditions.

As a novelty for tourism, Cuba is increasing the number of the so-called Hoteles Encanto, which involve the restoration of facilities with historic and cultural values, located in the main historic places in the island.

The Palacio Azul hotel, located in the central province of Cienfuegos, inaugurated the initiative which currently includes 50 facilities across the country.

Thus, the Cuban tourist industry takes part in a new tendency which contributes added values to the traditional sun and beach options.

Likewise, the warm waters that surround the island offer vacationers the possibility of enjoying nautical activities which accompany the traditional enjoyment of the sea.

In addition, the island shelf, with more than 70,000 kilometers, offers unique opportunities for diving in the Cuban coasts which are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The Cuban archipelago is characterized by a unique natural richness which is distributed through more than 4,000 keys and islets where several variants of nature tourism, like bird watching, can be enjoyed.

In this sense, the Cuban avifauna is very diverse with more than 350 species which can be found in the islets and keys which make up the archipelago, where endemic birds to the different regions can be watched.

Also, the Cuban fauna includes about 16,500 recorded species; and several zoological groups show and endemism above 90 percent.

Natural reserves, biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, natural parks and protected areas make up a large network of options characterized by their richness, excellent preservation and unique features which distinguish them in the region.

Del Rijo Inn. Façade
Boutique La Unión. Outdoor view
Del Rijo Inn. Bar
Del Rijo Inn. Façade
Del Rijo Inn. Room
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    Del Rijo Inn. Façade

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    Del Rijo Inn. Façade Boutique La Unión. Outdoor view Del Rijo Inn. Bar Del Rijo Inn. Façade Del Rijo Inn. Room Del Rijo Inn. Indoor Del Rijo Inn. Interior patio Elguea. Treatments Boutique La Unión. Bar cafeteria Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Front desk Boutique La Unión. Hall Boutique La Unión. Entrance Boutique La Unión. Façade Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Interior patio Boutique La Unión. Interior patio Boutique La Unión. Swimming pool Boutique La Unión. Restaurant Boutique La Unión. Restaurant Boutique La Unión. Room San José del Lago. Outside view. San José del Lago. Therapeutic pool.
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