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Cuba: Leisure Options and Diversity
Date: DEC 10, 2012
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The Cuban tourist sector, an essential activity in the country’s economy, stands out for its diversity thanks to the combination of traditional tourist options with new possibilities like ecotourism and extreme sports.

Nature, health, culture, history and traditions are mixed together with the traditional sun and beach options, in order to make up an attractive portfolio of offers for foreign visitors and domestic vacationers.

Obviously, the sun and beach tourist programs are the most preferred options by thousands of tourists who arrive in Cuba every year, attracted by the country’s warm waters and white sands.

Unique places to enjoy the comfort of bathing in the sea can be found all around Cuba, including the dozens of islets and keys which make up the archipelago.

In addition, Cuba combines recreation and leisure with health treatments aimed at improving life quality and, in this sense, new procedures have been implemented to use the thermal waters existing in several areas of the country.

Apart from international clinics, drugstores, glasses stores and specialized institutions designed to improve health quality, which are available in the main tourist destinations of the country, Cuba also provides a large health care infrastructure.

More than 280 hospitals, about 400 policlinics, 116 dental clinics and about 1,500 different health care centers make up a broad health care network to meet the requirements of human health care.

Likewise, visitors can enjoy history and culture in many cities of Cuba, where Havana stands out for its historic heart full of attractions, thus being one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

Several museums, churches, cultural institutions and buildings dating back to colonial time, with about 33,000 constructions which were mostly built in the 18th and 19th centuries, are located in Havana.

Traditional offers are also complemented by options related to the environment with programs consisting of real adventures for those who want to know the island.

Also, the mountain ecosystems in the country are included in the dynamic growth of the sector, and many options already involve tours and stays in these areas.

Dozens of lodging facilities are distributed across the country, supported by various service options, in order to meet vacationers’ demands.

In this sense, the gastronomic service plays an important role with wide promotion in the island thanks to the merging of elements from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In addition, there are variants that emerged from the very Cuban scene where the sea and its numerous species find a privileged position in the history of the Cuban cuisine.

Detail of the façade.
Entrance to the museum.
Oil painting by García Peña.
Museum of Fine Arts. Logo
Sea bottom
Scuba diving
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    Detail of the façade.

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    Detail of the façade. Entrance to the museum. Oil painting by García Peña. Museum of Fine Arts. Logo Sea bottom Scuba diving Paraíso Beach. Sirena Beach. Sirena Beach. Walk on the beach. María Aguilar Beach, Trinidad. Monte Mar Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas Sunset, Cayo Largo del Sur Beach, Cayo Largo del Sur Guamá Diving site at Caleta Buena Playa Girón Museum Piscina Hotel Playa Girón Restaurant at Playa Girón Hotel Playa Girón Hotel`s City Hall Library Pharmaceutical Museum Playa Girón Museum El Morrillo Oscar María de Rojas Museum Junco Palace Sauto Theater Sauto Theater Statue of a merchant Diving center. Ancón Beach. Ancón peninsula Ancón Beach Ancón Beach Trinidad Pelican. View of the coast. Sirena Beach. Tourists enjoying the beach. View of the beach. Family walking on the beach. Bar on the beach. Transfer. Turtle-raising farm. Excursion on train. Varadero Golf Club, general view Varadero Golf Club Internacional de Varadero Hotel Lunch Cabins Cave Cueva del Indio (Indian`s Cave) Viñales Valley. Mogote Mogotes Mogotes Mural of Prehistory Mural of Prehistory Landscape Landscape Landscape Excursion Viñales Town Town Town Restaurant Restaurant San Vicente Snack Bar Viñales Valley Vegetation
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