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Hemingway Marina: A Leading Product in Cuba's Nautical Sector
Date: MAR 15, 2004
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The Republic of Cuba, well known for centuries because of its privileged location in the Caribbean Sea, has witnessed, simultaneously with the development of its tourism industry, visitors' growing interest in a leading product among the island's marinas.

It is precisely the Hemingway Marina, located in the Cuban capital, a sort of flag facility in that promising sector involving nautical activities, because of its outstanding role in organizing renowned international events, including regattas and fishing tournaments.

Among the latter, the Hemingway Fishing Tournament, held every year with an increasing presence of foreign participants, is the most important event held at the marina, which was named after US literature Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.

Other two major contests are the Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament - scheduled for September - and the Wahoo Fishing Tournament, in November.

The marina has also become a major port for international regattas, since boats dock there before sailing to other latitudes.

Run by Cubanacán S.A, the Hemingway Marina, which has four five-meter-deep canals, can harbor up to 400 boats, 200 of which can take advantage of the life-on-board modality.

This option provides crews with basic services such as drinking water, electricity, fuel, communications and cable TV, although the marina's infrastructure can provide lodging services to the most demanding travelers.

For those who enjoy sailing in the Caribbean, the Hemingway Marina is ready to receive them in case of accidents, since its nautical workshop has all the conditions necessary to repair the boats.

Among the marina's most recent novelties, considered by many a sign of its good prestige in the world, is offering its services to the so-called megayachts, which are big luxury boats that provide passengers with maximum comfort.

Access to the marina is quite easy, reservations can be made in advance and unexpected visitors can send a warning signal on the VHF channel 16, a system used in international maritime services. That would be more than enough to guarantee their stay at the base.

The Hemingway Marina Tourist Community is considered an ideal place for those who love the sea environment, providing options such as commercial centers, Casa del Habano (a tobacconist's shop), medical services, naval hardware store, Internet café, pharmacy and internal transportation, among other services.

For those who prefer to enjoy their vacations on the ground, the Hemingway Marina provides accommodation at the Acuario Hotel, which has 383 rooms (including 282 double rooms), along with fully equipped houses and bungalows.

With a worldwide fame in Cuba's leisure industry, the Hemingway Marina also has four restaurants specialized in Cuban and international cuisine. They are Palmares (Cuban), Bar Fiesta (Spanish), La Cova Pizza Nova (Italian) and Bar Papa's (seafood).

For all these, the Marina Hemingway is perfect for those who love nautical activities. It is a place where they will enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, privacy and good services.

Hemingway Marina. Panoramic view
Hemingway Marina. Pier
Hemingway Marina. Canals
Hemingway Marina. Pier
Diving in the coral reef
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    Hemingway Marina. Panoramic view

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    Hemingway Marina. Panoramic view Hemingway Marina. Pier Hemingway Marina. Canals Hemingway Marina. Pier Diving. Diving in the coral reef Needlefish. Bullfish.
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