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Cuba: An Enchanting Island for Tourism
Date: MAY 20, 2013
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The Cuban tourist industry, which plays a key role in the island’s economy, bets on the diversification of its offers, including first-class options and high-quality services, in order the meet the growing demands of vacationers.

The traditional sun and beach programs are combined with options related to culture, history, sports and health; apart from the congress and event, nature and incentive tourisms.

Natural reserves, biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, national parks and protected areas make up an extensive network of offers characterized by its richness, excellent conservation and unique features of the region.

The geographical location of the Cuban archipelago, also called the key to the gulf, constitutes an inevitable stop for migratory birds in search of food and shelter, during their long distance routes from North to South America, and back.

Likewise, the tourist sector boosts actions to increase the lodging capacities and prepare extra-hotel lodging options which are included in the short- and medium-term comprehensive expansion plans.

In this context, the combination of the historical and cultural values with lodging capacities led to the emergence in September 2007 of the Encanto (Enchantment) hotel chain, also known as the E chain.

The abovementioned Cuban brand was initially offered for tourism in the central city of Cienfuegos, capital city of the province by the same name, with the opening of the Palacio Azul hotel (Blue Palace) in a facility dating back to the 1920’s.

Eventually, the Unión hotel was added; this facility had been an inn back in 1869 and it was rescued from its ruins right in Cienfuegos’ historic heart which was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 2005.

In addition, la Casa Verde and the Perla del Mar, two mansions from the 1950’s which are located near the Jagua hotel, were included in the hotel brand which already extends its influence beyond its original territory.

With the opening of the Barcelona hotel, the E chain has been extended to the colonial city of Remedios, the eighth Cuban village in chronological order founded by the Spanish and located in the northern area of the central province of Villa Clara.

The long history of the city becomes particularly evident in the city’s heart (declared as National Historic Monument in 1980) where the Spanish architecture from the 17th century remains almost intact.

The Barcelona hotel benefits from its location across from the city’s main square, the only square in Cuba with two churches; one of them is the Main Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, which has 13 beautifully gold decorated altars.

Meanwhile, the Ordoño Hotel stands out in the eastern city of Gibara where the facility, dating back to 1927, is the highest construction in the city and it has become a local architectural jewel in which exceptional cultural and historic values are combined with modern comfort and a personalized service.

Boutique La Unión. Outdoor view
Del Rijo Inn. Façade
Del Rijo Inn. Façade
Del Rijo Inn. Bar
Del Rijo Inn. Room
Del Rijo Inn. Indoor
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    Boutique La Unión. Outdoor view

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    Boutique La Unión. Outdoor view Del Rijo Inn. Façade Del Rijo Inn. Façade Del Rijo Inn. Bar Del Rijo Inn. Room Del Rijo Inn. Indoor Del Rijo Inn. Interior patio Boutique La Unión. Bar cafeteria Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Front desk Boutique La Unión. Hall Boutique La Unión. Entrance Boutique La Unión. Façade Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Lobby Boutique La Unión. Interior patio Boutique La Unión. Interior patio Boutique La Unión. Swimming pool Boutique La Unión. Restaurant Boutique La Unión. Restaurant Boutique La Unión. Room
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