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Sun and Beaches in Cuba
Date: MAY 27, 2019
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Cuba, an ideal scenario for tourism in the Caribbean, stands out worldwide for its traditional offers of sun and beaches in unique sites.

The island's privileged geographical location, in an area of warm crystal-clear waters, together with the existence of long strips of sand, constitutes a complement to this modality, especially during the summer.

Among the multiple destinations linked to this activity in the country stands out the world-famous Varadero beach, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas.

Varadero has an international airport, two international marinas, a convention center, a clinic, a hemodialysis center, a quality-of-life center, art galleries, artisans' markets, a dance academy and more than 40 restaurants.

In addition, the province has some 60 hotels (22,217 rooms), in addition to 1,428 private rooms for rent.

According to Statistics, 48 percent of those rooms are in five-star hotels, 38 percent in four-star establishments and 14 percent in three-star hotels, including 97 percent in All-Inclusive establishments.

The city was founded in 1887, when the first families settled in the area, and in the early 20th century, the first hotel was built, under the name of La Torre, but it disappeared over the years.

Varadero's sea bottoms are inhabited by more than 40 types of coral, a wide diversity of fish, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, turtles and more than 70 types of mollusks.

In addition, marinas such as Chapelin, Darsena de Varadero and Gaviota guarantee the conditions and means to practice scuba diving, with appropriate boats, trained personnel, teaching centers, hyperbaric chambers and the necessary transportation in case of any emergency.

Scuba diving and snorkeling have its main attraction in the so-called Hoyo Azul Ojo del Megano, a huge cavern that is 70 meters in diameter, where submerged walls, coral barriers and huge schools of multicolored fish can be observed.

Moreover, Punta de Hicacos covers an area of more than 300 hectares, with aboriginal pictographs in the Ambrosio Cave and the ruins of Salina La Calavera, which are considered the first salt works to be exploited in the Americas by the Spanish colonizers.

In addition to sun and beach options, Varadero has an International Skydiving Center and the services of the Varadero Golf Club, the first 18-hole professional golf course par 72 in Cuba.

Events and meetings also are hosted in Varadero, at the Plaza America Convention Center, which has a plenary hall for 600 people and seven additional rooms. It is an excellent facility for programs that combine leisure and work in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Meliá Varadero. Bird`s-eye view
Paradisus Varadero Hotel. Nautical sports
Paradisus Varadero Hotel. View of the beach
Varadero. Kawama Canal

Choose a small photo to enlarge:
. Meliá Varadero. Bird`s-eye view Paradisus Varadero Hotel. Nautical sports Paradisus Varadero Hotel. View of the beach . Varadero. Kawama Canal Varadero Golf Club, general view Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house Varadero Golf Club. Golf course Varadero Beach. View from Varadero Golf Club
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