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Cuba: Cuisine and Tourism
Date: JUL 22, 2019
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The Cuban tourism industry, marked by a dynamic expansion, has as an indispensable complement a wide range of culinary options that represent those elements incorporated into the country's own traditions.

Actually, in addition to the traditional sun and beach options, there are dishes that are characteristic of the Creole cuisine, which have been enriched by variants from Europe, such as the Spanish, French or Italian cuisines.

Meanwhile, suggestions from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Indian gastronomy are presented from Asia and the Middle East, just to mention some of those that can be found in restaurants and coffee shops throughout the country.

There are also culinary options that are characteristic of European modernity, in order to respond to the demands from vacationers from the so-called old continent.

From the simplest places, designed in the most modern style of fast food establishments, to centers with a decades-old history, alternatives are available to everyone.

Precisely, among the most recognized restaurants is the world-famous Bodeguita del Medio, which consolidated in recent years its role as the local food house, championed by the excellence of the new era of tourism in the country.

The B of the M, as it is also known, is located a few steps from Cathedral Square, (on 207 Empedrado Street), a site that is highly visited by tourists and among its best known offers is the Mojito, a drink made with Cuban light rum, mint, lemon, ice and sugar.

As part of the initiatives to promote gastronomy, the Varadero Gourmet Festival was added to the catalog of offers, with its traditional venue in Cuba's major coastal resort.

Undoubtedly, the call for such events creates a favorable space for debate and reflection on the new trends in the sector and the exchange of experiences among gastronomy professionals.

In general, this type of meeting consists of lectures and master classes, as well as food-tasting sessions.

The specialized event has academic objectives, based on the exchange of new knowledge and trends, as well as exhibitions, with the presentation of new products for the hospitality and catering sectors.

In addition, actions are being taken to increase the domestic production required by tourism, in both the food industry and agriculture.

Add to this the management of dozens of private gastronomic establishments, with offers for all tastes and even home delivery services.

Meliá Habana Hotel. Smorgasbord
Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio

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. Meliá Habana Hotel. Smorgasbord . Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio . Smorgasbord
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