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Cuba: A Strategy for Health
Date: MAR 16, 2020
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Cuba, full of attractions for tourism, balances the various tourist options with a comprehensive strategy aimed at guaranteeing the health of the population and foreign visitors.

For these purposes, the country has an extensive network of healthcare centers on the island, with some 260 hospitals of various categories, hi-tech equipment, dozens of polyclinics and establishments dedicated to dental care.

The island also supports its health programs in the existence of important entities dedicated to the research of new drugs, obtained using the most modern methods known in the world.

In this area, biotechnology stands out, since the island has 200 institutions and about 12,000 scientists who undertake the search for alternatives in favor of quality of life.

Actually, Cuba is the only nation in the so-called Third World that exports genetic engineering products, thanks to the support that the authorities grant to this work.

Advanced technology, highly trained professionals and unique treatment methods combine to offer an adequate response in each case, always looking for an alternative that meets the expectations of patients.

For highly complex surgical operations, the country has specialists supported by advanced technology that are distinguished by their ethics and humanism.

First-line programs and unique techniques take visitors to facilities where various ophthalmic pathologies are treated, or with techniques dedicated to dermatological procedures and in the cure of that widespread ill-known vitiligo.

Regular medical check-ups, available to foreign visitors, make it possible to assess the patient's condition and also facilitate the diagnosis of various conditions, which have a simple solution if they are detected in early stages.

In addition to the general review, there are measures that allow specific studies such as cardiovascular studies, for high blood pressure, gynecological (in the case of women), infertility and cosmetic surgery, among others.

Meanwhile, at present and in view of the real danger posed by the Covid-19 coronavirus, Cuba has a protocol for the direct treatment of the disease that includes 22 medications.

Among them is the recombinant Interferon alfa 2B, also successfully applied in China and produced both in the Asian country and in facilities located in the island.

Furthermore, the infrastructure completes the conditions to face, if necessary, an increase in cases of Covid-19, taking into account the experiences of the national health system and the Cuban specialists who provided services abroad.

Of course, these services extend to the thousands of international visitors who bet every year on the many Cuban destinations tourism.

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Computerized Axial Tomography

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