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Province: Camagüey
Country: Cuba
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The province of Camagüey, the largest of the entities of that kind in Cuba, contains in its geography important values of a patrimonial nature combined with the attractiveness that brings you the spa of Santa Lucia. More than a hundred kilometers of excellent beaches are offered to the visitors interested in combining history with joy, complemented with the heights of the Sierra de Cubitas for lovers of ecotourism.

In such an environment is located precisely Santa Lucia, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by its waters, in addition to the second coralline barrier in extension of the planet and numerous colonies of pink flamingos. In a perfect combination of paradise and adventure, an extensive network of cays - many of them deserts and virgin beaches with- is offered as an option for recreation.

Meanwhile, the provincial capital also called Camagüey boasts with pride the satisfaction to be included among the first seven towns founded by the Spaniards in the largest of the Antilles. With a history of five centuries, emerged under the name of Santa Maria of the Port of Prince, initially located near the bay of Nuevitas and moved along the banks of the river Caonao, until arriving later to its present location.

The current name what must the “cacique” Camagüebax, who exercised its control between the rivers Tínima and Hatibonico, where began to be built the first houses. Also known as "the city of big jars", shows as a symbol to these huge cooked mud containers used centuries ago to store the rainwater for human consumption and that now adorn gardens and parks.

Camagüey stands as a metropolis with temples of a single tower, facades with dust caps and pilasters, windows with artistic trellises, houses of portals interiors and red roofs Texas, all located in a veritable maze of alleys. In effect, the streets showed a behavior capricious of its creators, as it maintains its stroke rectum barely in short stretches then take the most diverse orientations and shape even triangles or closed in one of the countless places of the old villa. Therefore, there are ways of up to little more than a meter wide or about four of length, as well as the five corners of the Angel, a picturesque site that illustrates the unique layout of the city.

The main such spaces is now called Ignacio Agramonte`s Park, already emerged in 1528 as Parade Ground and which maintains its status of core of the architectural structure of the city in spite of the changes caused by the passage of time.

Closer to our days is the Main Theater - built in 1850 - abundant in marble and glass, in both the XVIII century bequeathed us the church of La Merced, where visitors are faced with a Holy Sepulchre developed in silver, the greater of that type in the country.

In addition, its historical center was declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). While, the exuberance of the Cuban flora has its space in the Casino Campestre, the largest urban park in the interior of the country, a place for reflection and recreation, village of statues that honor to personalities of the national history.

  • Camagüey
  • Colón Managed By Meliá Hotels International
  • Encanto Avellaneda `La Tula`
  • Encanto Camino de Hierro
  • Encanto El Marques
  • Florida
  • Gran Hotel Camagüey Managed By Meliá Hotels International
  • Isla de Cuba
  • Plaza
  • Puerto Príncipe
  • Valentin Cayo Cruz

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    City of Camagüey

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