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Trinidad: Nature and Legends
Date: MAR 17, 2003
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The Villa de la Santísima Trinidad (Holy Trinity), in the central region of the largest Antillean Island, treasures a huge natural wealth, in addition to over four centuries of history and traditions.

A must for thousands of vacationers visiting that portion of the Cuban archipelago every year, Trinidad is surrounded by mountains and green landscapes, including valleys containing the well-preserved remnants of ancient sugar mills.

That region holds the Escambray Mountain Range, which treasures one of the country's most varied vegetation, ranging from arboreal ferns and wild orchids to pine forests, and a unique endemic fauna.

Trinidad, one of the first villages founded by the Spanish conquistadors in Cuba, also boasts big caverns, where many pieces of evidence have been found about the city's history and the country's first inhabitants.

One of the legends is linked to La Maravillosa cave, which forms part of a group of two dozen grottoes on the southern slopes of the Escambray Mountain Range, and which is related to Caucubú, an Indian woman from the Guamuhaya tribe, and her eternal love for Naribó.

The story had a tragic ending, because the young Indian woman took refuge in the cave and died of love when she learned that Naribó had thrown himself against some rocks when he learned that Caucubú's father intended to give her away to the village's governor.

A fountain in honor of Caucubú is inside La Maravillosa cave, and according to legend, those who drink from the fountain or wash themselves with its water rejuvenate.

The myth is ever-present in the bottom of the lake, where thousands of coins from many countries and epochs have been thrown as payment for the beautiful young woman's favors by people who want their wishes to be granted.

Experts highlight the cave's charm, especially its pleasant temperature, tranquil atmosphere and singular gamut of colors, due to the minerals the water has washed down to the cave.

Amateur spelunkers enjoy the structure created by some 2,000 stalagmites pending from the ceiling, honoring the cave's name, La Maravillosa (The Wonderful), one of Trinidad's natural wonders.

It is said that many vacationers return to the Villa de la Santísima Trinidad to pay for wishes granted to them, pay tribute to Caucubú's legend or just search for new stories in a city that is considered Cuba's museum city.

For all this, the tourist product of this colonial city goes beyond its cultural wealth, hotels and beaches. It also includes legends that enrich the region's history and serve as a sort of peculiar attraction for thousands of vacationers visiting Trinidad every year.

María Aguilar Beach, Trinidad.
Diving center. Ancón Beach.
Ancón Beach
Ancón Beach
Ancón peninsula
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    Trinidad María Aguilar Beach, Trinidad. Diving center. Ancón Beach. Ancón Beach Ancón Beach Ancón peninsula
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