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  • Strategy for Tourism in Cuba
    Date: MAY 18, 2020 / Hits: 61
    Cuba's tourism industry, turned into an essential element of the national economy, supports its development in governmental ...
  • Cuba: Fernandina de Jagua in Celebrates Its Anniversary
    Date: APR 27, 2020 / Hits: 78
    The city of Cienfuegos, known in its beginnings as Villa Fernandina de Jagua, is 201 years old full of cultural and historic ...
  • Cuba: Treasures of Architecture
    Date: APR 06, 2020 / Hits: 79
    Havana, a key destination in Cuba's tourism agenda, is a true reflection of the architectural heritage bequeathed by the ...
  • Cuba: Havana’s Flavors
    Date: MAR 23, 2020 / Hits: 109
    Havana, the capital city of Cuba and the island country’s main urban hub, had been long established as a tourist destination ...
  • Cuba: Support for Leisure
    Date: MAR 09, 2020 / Hits: 112
    The dynamic expansion of the Cuban leisure industry, benefitted by a sustained flow of around four million visitors a year, ...
  • Cuba: At the Gates of the Blue Beach
    Date: FEB 10, 2020 / Hits: 112
    Cuba's tourism industry, a fast-growing economic sector, spreads to world-famous destinations that are visited by thousands ...
  • Cuba’s Trinidad: 506 years as a patrimonial village
    Date: JAN 20, 2020 / Hits: 158
    The “Santísisma Trinidad” village in Cuba, one of the seven first settlements founded by the Spaniards on the Cuban archipelago, ...
  • Tourism of Excellence in Western Cuba
    Date: DEC 23, 2019 / Hits: 138
    Western Cuba, full of attractions linked to nature, sun and beach options, offers excellent proposals for tourism. In this ...
  • Trinidad: Tourism and Heritage
    Date: OCT 07, 2019 / Hits: 504
    The Cuban archipelago, an ideal place for tourism in the Caribbean, offers a wide tourist environment that extends its options ...
  • Cuba: Airs of Celebration in Havana
    Date: SEP 30, 2019 / Hits: 675
    Havana, Cuba's major city and an important tourist destination, is hosting an extensive program of celebrations for the ...
    Villa Clara
    Santa Clara City Cathedral
    The province of Villa Clara, located in the central area of the greater one of the Antilles, stands in a tourist destination par excellence for the passengers ...
    Other Tourist Zones of Cuba
    Interactive maps of Cuba
    Interactive maps of Cuba
    Cuba: Waiting for the Summer
    Entrance to Varadero Golf Club
    Summer in Cuba opens the season for tourism, as the reactivation of the leisure industry takes place. In the case of the sea, those interested turn ...
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