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Cuba: Support for Leisure
Date: MAR 09, 2020
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The dynamic expansion of the Cuban leisure industry, benefitted by a sustained flow of around four million visitors a year, is currently in need of a complement, in the fashion of a solid structure capable of supporting the tourism boom.

According to figures gathered by international entities, Cuba is leading the Caribbean these days in terms of construction activity for tourism.

A case in point are the 150 hotel projects under construction at the beginning of 2020, on account of which Cuba now ranks third in the region, only surpassed by Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

During this period, the island country reported 1,616 hotel rooms in the completion phase.

Cuba's strategy is to take advantage of attractive places such as Havana, Varadero and other spots privileged by Nature, such as Viñales or Trinidad.

In addition, investments are growing in places of broad tourism development in Holguín and north of the provinces of Villa Clara and Ciego de Avila.

Other spots enjoy value-added features as golf courts, as is the case of a new project developed by the joint venture Carbonera Inc., supported by Cuban and British capital from Esencia Hotels and Resorts Company.

This complex, on the outskirts of the province of Matanzas, will be provided with more than one thousand living units, a hotel with more than one hundred rooms and an 18-hole golf court.

There is another project, located on the Bellomonte Heights, where Cubagolf and the Chinese company Beijing Entreprises Holdings Limited will build a luxury hotel, apartments and houses of high standard over a 336 hectare lot of land.

The Spanish Urbas Grupo Financiero will develop a large tourism and real estate project in Cuba, which includes the construction of luxury hotels and golf courses in the city of Cienfuegos.

Cuba's portfolio of business opportunities includes a hundred projects related to the so-called leisure industry, of which 27 are hotels and seven are linked to the administration and marketing of services with financing in nautical marinas.

By building new structures, the Cuban tourism authorities seek to increase capacity and improve levels of service in city hotels, mainly in Havana and historical cities.

With this in mind, Cuba is betting on such state-of-the-art technologies as the so-called “bim”, used to design 3-D model structures for tourism.

Experts say that the use of this technology plays a decisive role in the good quality and security of investments, in addition to expanding the scope of works, adding extra energy to work and allowing a better use of resources.

Cayo Naranjo`s Aquarium
Replica of Taino Village
Town of Banes
Parrots on Cayo Saetía
Cuban trogon - National Bird - Cayo Saetía
City of Holguín
Cayo Naranjo`s Aquarium

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Cayo Naranjo`s Aquarium Replica of Taino Village Town of Banes Parrots on Cayo Saetía Cuban trogon - National Bird - Cayo Saetía City of Holguín Punta Lucrecia`s Lighthouse Countryside landscape in Banes View of Esmeralda Beach Silla de Gibara Sunset in Cienfuegos Flag of the City of Cienfuegos Botanical Gardens in Cienfuegos Botanical Gardens in Cienfuegos Jagua Castle, Cienfuegos Catamaran at Cienfuegos Bay Cathedral of Cienfuegos View of El Nicho, Cienfuegos Nature, Cienfuegos Terry Theater, Cienfuegos Entrance to Varadero Golf Club Varadero Beach. View from Varadero Golf Club Varadero Beach. View from Varadero Golf Club Xanadu Mansion. Terrace overlooking the sea Xanadu Mansion. Mirador Bar Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house Façade of Xanadu Mansion Xanadu Mansion´s façade Xanadu Mansion and Golf course. View of Xanadu Mansion
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