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Environment and Adventure in Central Cuba
Date: MAR 31, 2003
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Health tourism, one of the key elements in Topes de Collantes's offer, is complemented by programs linked to the enjoyment of the environment and tours of interesting places.

In addition to a dozen medical programs aimed at improving vacationers' health, with the support of a first-class infrastructure, the natural environment also contributes to the enjoyment of leisure and adventures, including a wide range of options that serve everyone's taste.

Guests staying in Topes de Collantes's hotels can visit the Codina Farm, and from that mountainside house, they can travel along mountain paths and enjoy lovely natural sceneries that include a cave and beautiful lookouts from where they can see the Caribbean Sea.

They can also visit Casa de la Gallega, which marks the beginning and the end of a path known as Salto del Rocío (Drew Waterfall), along the course of the Hanabanilla River, along which travelers can watch Hutias in their natural habitat.

The programs also include Salto de Javira (Javira Waterfall) path, which begins in the El Cubano Farm, on the foot of the mountain, near Trinidad, where there is a breeding farm for the delicious catfish, which is exclusively served at a local restaurant.

A path goes through a pristine forest, where archeological vestiges of "cimarrones" (runaway slaves) leave a trail to Salto de Javira.

The nature programs also include the Path to Salto del Caburní (Caburní Waterfall), which originates in Topes de Collantes and features one of Cuba's highest waterfalls (64 meters - 210 feet).

Rural tourism, also known as agrotourism, links the environment with the leisure industry, and is one of the most attractive options in the Los Almendros Park.

Vacationers can learn about the costumes, habits and cultural traditions of Cuban countryside people, and learn about the cultivation of sugarcane and other agricultural produce, as well as how to raise domestic animals usually found in any rural household.

Getting closer to nature from a beach or city also increases the value of the tourist product, based on the travelers' interest in learning about the reality in Cuba's countryside and enjoying a pristine environment that is a call to adventure.

Cuba's fauna consists of 16,500 species, including some zoological groups whose endemism is higher than 90 percent, while the autochthonous flora is made up of 6,300 species, providing a multicolored and many-shaped panorama.

Nature and biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, national parks and protected areas make up a wide range of offers, characterized by their richness, excellent state of preservation and unique features in the region.

Mi Retiro. Topes de Collantes.
La Represa. Topes de Collantes.
Topes de Collantes
La Represa
Mi Retiro
Lookout. Topes de Collantes.
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    Mi Retiro. Topes de Collantes.

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    Mi Retiro. Topes de Collantes. La Represa. Topes de Collantes. Topes de Collantes La Represa Mi Retiro Lookout. Topes de Collantes. Sundial. Topes de Collantes Sunset La Represa Mi Retiro
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