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Morón: The City of the Rooster
Date: AUG 25, 2003
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The province of Ciego de Avila, in the eastern region of the largest Antillean Island, boasts one of Cuba's most attractive destinations, Jardines del Rey, as well as excellent beaches, exuberant nature, a huge historic wealth and centuries-old traditions.

The province's many options for leisure include sites of incalculable historic value, such as the Júcaro-Morón Road, a defensive work that played a major role in Cuba's war of independence in the 19th century, and legends and traditions that have overcome the passage of time and form part of today's life.

One of them is Morón's Rooster, which has become a symbol of that centuries-old city and was immortalized in a three-meter, three-ton bronze sculpture made by the outstanding Cuban artist Rita Longa in the 1980's.

While creating the sculpture, Longa was assisted by Armando Alonso, who was in charge of sculpting another rooster in the 1950's.

According to legend, the presence of a rooster in the city is related to the Spanish town of Morón de la Frontera, in Seville, where the story about the world-famous bird originated.

In the 16th century, that Spanish town was seriously hit by public disorders related to riots caused by the appointment of local authorities and political rivalries.

History acknowledges judges' abuses against the local people, who were evicted from their farms and whose assets were confiscated, in addition to being sentenced to spend time in prison and pay high fines.

Precisely, one of those officials used to say publicly that he was the only rooster in town, so the people called him "Morón's Rooster", due to his arrogance.

Tired of being abused, the town's dwellers abducted the said official, took him to the city's outskirts, took his clothes off, except for his shirt, and beat him.

The event served as an inspiration for a funny phrase that says, "You are like Morón's rooster, featherless and crowing".

The developments remained in the people's memory and a monument to a featherless rooster was erected on Paseo de la Peña.

The tradition was brought to the largest Antillean Island in the 18th century and got rooted rapidly, although in Cuba, the rooster was conceived with feathers and other attributes, and became a symbol of the city.

For all these, Morón is also an excellent complement to the region's leisure industry, since the bronze rooster's crow welcomes thousands of vacationers who visit the city every year, looking for rest, a unique history, legends and centuries-old traditions.

Morón`s rooster
Moron Hotel`s façade
Casona de Moron
Morón`s rooster
Dutch town
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    Morón`s rooster

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    Morón`s rooster Moron Hotel`s façade Casona de Moron Morón`s rooster Entertainment Dutch town Swimming pool, Morón Hotel
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