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Urban Attractions and Beaches in Cuban Capital
Date: OCT 01, 2007
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The Cuban capital, the major tourist destination on the Caribbean Island, combines urban attractions with excellent beaches.

A large hotel infrastructure, including more than 10,000 rooms, and a wide range of services back the development of Havana's tourist sector, where vacationers can take part in business trips, cultural tourism, incentives and meetings.

The former village of San Cristóbal de La Habana, also known as the Fortress City of the West Indies or the Key to the New World, offers many tourist options, ranging from traditions and culture to beaches and nautical sports.

Among the most famous establishments in Havana is the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, founded more than 70 years ago and ranking among the top ten Palace Hotels in the world. It was the only five-star hotel in the Caribbean region from the 1930s to the 1950s.

The Inglaterra Hotel is the oldest in Cuba. It was inaugurated on December 23, 1875, and its name honored the world's major power at the time, England.

Another important establishment is the Sevilla Hotel, which opened in 1908 and whose construction was started in 1880 by the investment company El Guardian.

During the first years of operation, the Sevilla Hotel, which offered 300 rooms and nine apartments at the time, was one of the most visited establishments in Havana. Its Spanish colonial architectural style, exquisite decoration and comfort, in addition to its excellent location in Old Havana, have attracted guests from all over the world.

The 98-year-old Plaza Hotel, also in Old Havana, was inaugurated in 1909 in the former mansion of the Counts of Casa Pedroso.

In addition to all the aforementioned hotels, the Cuban capital also offers excellent beaches as part of the so-called Circuito Azul (Blue Circuit), which runs along 15 kilometers on the north coast and where Santa María del Mar stands out as one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Other beaches of the circuit are Bacuranao, El Mégano, Boca Ciega and Guanabo, all of which complement the tourist programs enjoyed by thousands of foreign vacationers who visit the Cuban capital every year.

Another beach, Jibacoa, offers calm water flanked by hills that are up to 100 meters high and run parallel to the coast, giving bathers a pleasant feeling of privacy.

In addition to sun and beach options and excellent facilities, foreign tourists can enjoy a wide range of nautical sports and recreational activities.

The sand area offshore runs to the edge of the insular platform and is inhabited by corals and rich underwater fauna that turn the region into an ideal place for diving.

Generally, the abovementioned beaches also have nightclubs, restaurants, bars and many services for foreign vacationers to learn about every detail of the capital of all Cubans.

View of the City of Havana from the sea
Tarará Beach.
Santa María del Mar.
Tarará Beach
Santa María del Mar Beach.
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    View of the City of Havana from the sea

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    View of the City of Havana from the sea Jibacoa. Tarará Beach. Santa María del Mar. Tarará Beach Santa María del Mar Beach. Jibacoa Beach. Santa María del Mar Beach. Jibacoa Beach.
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