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Cuba: Small-Format Tourism
Date: FEB 20, 2012
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Cuba, a destination par excellence in the Caribbean region, makes the best use of its tourist potential on the islets that make up the Cuban archipelago, regardless of their size.

That way, emblematic destinations such as Varadero and Santa Lucía beaches, and Santiago de Cuba, or Topes de Collantes and Elguea, are complemented by several keys surrounding the main island.

Therefore, tourist options in central Cuba also include Cayo Los Ensenachos, which has an area of two square kilometers.

Despite its small size, that key has the best beaches in the region: Los Ensenachos and El Mégano, which are bathed by small waves and a blue and green sea.

Along with Santa María and Las Brujas, the key is part of the so-called Cayos de la Herradura (Horseshoe Keys), made up of more than 500 islets in an area of shallow crystal-clear water that limits on the north with the world's second largest coral reef.

The area is a Safe Haven for Fauna and is inhabited by several species of reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and mammals, many of which are endemic, in addition to more than 245 plant species.

There is a complex system of channels that turn the region into a valuable area to develop nature tourism and nautical sports.

Tourists can stay at the Hotel Occidental Royal Hideaway Cayo Ensenachos, which offers 506 rooms distributed in three sections: Royal Hideaway, Royal Spa and Royal Villas.

The All-Inclusive hotel also has six bars and five a la carte restaurants that serve Italian and Asian dishes and seafood.

In addition, 270 rooms are distributed in 14 two-story, colonial-style bungalows built around a central patio.

As a complement to recreation in Ensenachos, guests can take excursions to well-known destinations, including Caibarién, a fishing town where vacationers can enjoy seafood.

They can also go to Remedios, a town with a well-preserved historic heart and internationally known for its typical parties known as Las Parrandas, and to Trinidad, which is considered the City Museum of the Caribbean.

The keys are accessed through a 48-kilometer-long causeway over the sea.

The causeway, which has 46 bridges to maintain the normal flow of water and marine fauna without damaging the marine and land ecosystems, is a major engineering work that won the Puente de Alcántara Award to the Best Civil Construction in Ibero-America.

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