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Cuba: Legends and Tourism
Date: FEB 27, 2012
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The Cuban archipelago, full of natural treasures for tourism, supports its tourist offers with stories linked to the traditions of each specific place as an attractive element for visitors.

These legends are also present in Cayo Las Brujas (Key Witches), in the central area of the country, whose name is linked to stories of ghosts, strange noises and apparitions that were common among the dwellers, though there are other stories of love encounters between a fisherman and a young lady from town.

Precisely in this islet there is a village by the same name, located in Punta Periquillo, next to a wide sand strip with almost two kilometers of beach, and built on piles on the high rocks of a cliff.

This place offers lodging facilities in 24 rooms, as part of a complex inserted in an untouched nature that offers several tourist services and well equipped bungalows.

The existence of Marina Gaviota Las Brujas and a diving center with certified instructors make this place a perfect destination for the practice of nautical sports, including fishing and scuba diving.

In fact, the coral reef takes in big schools of fish that include: shad, horse mackerel, stone bass and barracuda that provide a special attraction for scuba divers and sport fishing enthusiasts.

Nearby there is an airport with facilities for vacationers to board small and medium size airplanes that provide access to the place.

There is also access through a causeway built on a rock base deposited on the sea bottom.

With a length of 48 kilometers, from the proximity of Caibarién to Cayo Santa María, the causeway has 46 bridges properly designed to keep the normal flow of sea waters and the marine fauna, thus preventing damages in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

This causeway is regarded as a major engineering construction since it was awarded the prize Puente de Alcántara to the Best Iberoamerican Work of Civil Engineering.

In the complex composed of Las Brujas, Cayo Santa María and Esenachos there are conditions to shelter the flora and fauna since the exclusive species known as rat hutia lives there, together with other endemic species such as lizards, mollusks and birds.

The animal diversity is accompanied by a flora including 248 species, from which 91 species are medicinal, 72 timber-yielding, 41 melliferous and 40 ornamental; together with splendid underwater sceneries.

A canal system creates a real aquatic labyrinth among the keys and, at the same time, offers a huge potential for contemplation tourist programs and nautical activities.

One of the peculiarities of the region is the ship San Pascual that ran aground near Cayo Francés almost 70 years ago and became a naval rarity since it was made of reinforced concrete and was launched in 1920 from the shipyards in San Francisco, California.

Also known by dwellers as El Pontón, many regard it as just one more islet, although it currently offers to vacationers the facilities of ten cabins and a privileged position to appreciate the charms of the region.

Villa Las Brujas. Beach
Villa Las Brujas. Beach
Villa Las Brujas. Cabanas
Villa Las Brujas. Outdoor view
Villa Las Brujas. Panoramic view
Villa Las Brujas. Nautical activities
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    Villa Las Brujas. Beach

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    Villa Las Brujas. Beach Villa Las Brujas. Beach Villa Las Brujas. Cabanas Villa Las Brujas. Outdoor view Villa Las Brujas. Panoramic view Villa Las Brujas. Nautical activities
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