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Cuba: A Destination for Nature Tourism
Date: AUG 19, 2019
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The Cuban archipelago, full of sun and beach attractions, offers natural options as an element that increasingly attracts both national and foreign vacationers.

Practically, the entire Cuban territory has characteristics for this recreational alternative, even in areas that have been barely touched by humans.

In that regard, the eastern province of Holguin stands out as a tourist destination marked by the fast growth of its infrastructure.

As an element to highlight in the territory are the national parks Mensura-Piloto, Pico Cristal and Alexander von Humboldt, where visitors can appreciate the local fauna and flora.

Among the options for nature enthusiasts is Las Tinajitas trail, which facilitates the observation of endemic and exotic birds such as the Cuban tody, the Cuban trogon and the Cuban bullfinch.

This route is divided into nine points or stations of natural interest such as La Cueva and Mirador, from where tourists can see the elevations known as Silla de Gibara and Cerro de Yabazon.

Meanwhile, diving enthusiasts can enjoy a unique option in Tanque Azul de Caletones, a flooded cavern that also has the peculiarity of being within the most important route of migratory birds in the region.

There, divers can swim in an area with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, mantles and vegetation of varied diversity and beauty.

Another option is Cayo Naranjo, which is in the bay of the same name and has an aquarium in the sea.

Some 30 kilometers of coastline with five natural beaches, archaeological settlements, caves and pristine keys are integrated into an offer that is complemented by a six-kilometer coral reef, which is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling.

For nature lovers, the attractions near Sierra Cristal stand out, where unique exponents of Cuban flora such as palms, coconut trees, tropical fruits, ferns and precious timber trees are grow.

Cayo Saetia is at the entrance of the Bay of Nipe and is considered the largest hunting ground in the country with a wide range of species.

Most of the islet 42 square kilometers is made up of forests, which in turn shelters a diverse fauna consisting of white-tailed deer, zebras and antelopes.

Visitors can access all points of the islet using vehicles suitable for these efforts, and on their way they can find wild boars, buffalos, ostriches, peacocks, zebras, Cuban trogons, antelopes, hutias and wild bulls.

Cayo Saetía. Pier
Cayo Saetía. Smorgasbord
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Pier

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Cayo Saetía. Pier Cayo Saetía. Smorgasbord Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Zebras Cayo Saetía. Crocodiles Cayo Saetía. View of the coast Cayo Saetía. View of the coast Cayo Saetía. Boat excursion Boat excursion. Cayo Saetía. Macaws Cayo Saetía. Iguana Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast Beach Cayo Saetía. Beach Cayo Saetía. Thatch-roof restaurant Cayo Saetía. Restaurant Cayo Saetía. Cuban trogon, national bird
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