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Cuba: Recreation, Mountains and Tourism
Date: SEP 23, 2019
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The Cuban archipelago, full of natural attractions for tourism, incorporates its various mountain systems to its recreational options.

This way, the island takes advantage of the heights in favor of those who bet on the environment for rest.

The highest mountains are in eastern Cuba, including unique contributions such as Sierra de la Gran Piedra.

The name comes from one of the most important geological values of Santiago de Cuba province, represented in a huge block of volcanic rock, which is 51 meters long, 25 meters high and 30 meters wide, with an estimated weight more than 63,000 tons.

The highest mountain in Cuba is the Turquino Peak, which is 1,974 meters high and was already mentioned in the 16th century by Flemish geographer Gerardo Kramer and declared a National Monument in 1991.

In addition, there are other peaks like Real (1,875 meters), Martí (1,672 meters), Máximo Gómez (1,545 meters), Maceo (1,506 meters), Céspedes (1,419 meters) and Suecia (1,394 meters).

It should be recalled that Cuba has four mountain ranges that occupy approximately 21 percent of the total area of the country, in addition to holding 37 percent of forested areas.

Westward, in Pinar del Río province is the Guaniguanico mountain range - made up of the Rosario and Los Organos mountain ranges - which concentrates the landscape richness of the region and has in Pan de Guajaibón the highest mountain, which raises 699 meters above sea level.

The Topes de Collantes National Park is listed as the main option in the Guamuhaya group, also known as Escambray, with unforgettable attractions such as the Caburní waterfall.

More than 6,700 plant species, 51 percent of them endemic, are found in the main highlands of the country, where there are also up to 3,400 varieties of fungi.

In the vicinity of the capital, Escaleras de Jaruco stand out, between elevations that form terraces with karst rocks and flat landscapes, complemented by several caves.

Protected areas, biosphere reserves, wetlands and regions with endemic flora and fauna – which can be observed in all their magnitude - are available to everyone through specialized trails, created for those who arrive in Cuba with that specific objective.

Cuba's mountains and particularly those in the eastern part of the country are considered among the most important centers of evolution, dispersion and endemism in the Antilles.

This peculiarity of Cuban mountainous ecosystems results from the fact that they are the territories that have remained the longest during the birth of the archipelago, so they benefited from a prolonged evolution of their flora and fauna.

For all these reasons, Cuba's mountains are an important option in the country's extensive tourism development program, in an environment where more and more people come to the Caribbean island in search of a unique nature and sites that can provide them with the necessary adventures.

Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel
Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel
Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel
Façade of Gran Piedra Hotel
View of Gran Piedra
Room at Gran Piedra Hotel
Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel

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Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel Façade of Gran Piedra Hotel View of Gran Piedra Room at Gran Piedra Hotel Room at Gran Piedra Hotel Gran Piedra Lookout Cabana at Gran Piedra Hotel Sunset Lookout. Topes de Collantes. Topes de Collantes La Represa La Represa La Represa. Topes de Collantes. Mi Retiro Mi Retiro. Topes de Collantes. Mi Retiro Sundial. Topes de Collantes
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